Gods The God Of A Second Chance by Richard Roberts

Published: 05th March 2010
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God's the God of a second chance, friend, and he'll turn that captivity, whatever it is, fear, deterred, depression, whatever it is, sickness and illness, God can turn that situation around in your life. And I just PRRR feel just like praying again. In the name of Jesus Christ, whatever that thing is which has you in prison, I come against it. I pray in the name of Jesus.

friend, God's the God of a second chance. He can provide you with a new life. I need you to pray this prayer out loud with me, everyone. Everybody here pray it with me. O Lord, I need a second chance. There's something in my life that's's wrong. I repent of it. I require aid. So in the name of Jesus, I confess each sin. I confess my mistakes and I receive Jesus as my Savior.
Come into my heart, Jesus. Save my soul. Fill me with your Spirit. I talk Your name with my mouth. I think God raised You from the dead. I receive You as my Savior. Oh, mate, if you're praying this prayer, Jesus is entering your heart at the moment. You'll never be the same again. Healing miracles are beginning all across this nation. Monetary miracles are beginning. Folk are coming nearer to God than they have ever been. Folks are being healed in feelings. Fear is being driven out.

I received a letter recently from a woman who had not been out of her home for five years due to fear. And she called the abundant Life Prayer Group and said,'After you prayed, the fear left, and for the 1st time I went to the corner shop, in 5 years.' God can turn things round in your life. Receive the miracle today. Receive the miracle in your life. If you are coming to Jesus for the 1st time in your life or you're rededicating your life to Christ, call the abundant Life Prayer Group.

let me know. Let me share with the people your affidavit. If you are getting a miracle in your body thru the requests today that is's going up, tell me. If you want to come to the city of religion, come on. Call and make a designate and come on to the city of religion. Let us provide the finest in drugs and the very best in prayer. Ken and Lynette, we've run out of time. I wish we had more time. God bless you and your minister in Denver. Take these words with you twenty four seven till we see you tomorrow, irrespective of what it seems like, God can turn it round for you.

Oral Roberts is hosting a world Minister's conference, June 24-26, on the campus of Oral Roberts varsity in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Special speakers will include Richard Roberts, Billy Joe Daugherty, Kenneth Copeland, John Gimenez, friend Harrison, Tommy Barnett, James Robison, John Osteen and Hilton Sutton. If you are a minister and you want more information, or if you want to share this with your minister, write to, Oral Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Oral Roberts world Minister's meeting, June 24-26. It could change your ministry and your life.

About Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts, B.A, M.A, D.Min, has dedicated his life to ministering the saving, healing, delivering power of Jesus Christ around the globe. God has put a dream in Richard's heart of reaching the countries of the earth for Jesus. Since 1980, he has ministered God's healing power in 34 states spanning 6 continents. In his miracle healing rallies, Richard has ministered to crowds of nearly 100,000 folks in a single service. Frequently as much as fifty p.c of the audience stands for prayer to get Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Hundreds and thousands more receive healings and miracles as Richard ministers God's Word and moves in the gifts of the Lord, especially the word of knowledge.

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